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According to Indonesian Chief of Oil and Natural Gas Company, at 2012 Indonesia has reached the need of an estimate of 1,7 million barrels of oil consumption per day while the capability of oil production is only about 950 thousand barrels per day. It means that Indonesia has a deficit of 450-500 thousands barrels per day.
Along with the increasing of the price and the rarefy of oils preserve in the world therefore an alternative fuel has become an inevitable choice. It is a great decision when the government issues a policy about national energy through president’s regulation no.5 at 2016 which aims to create a sustainable and efficient national energy preserve. And also to accomplish an optimal of energy mix on 2025.
The alternative fuel on this case is Palm Shells and Palm Acid Oils. Previously, Palm Shells is only considered as junks or even a waste and Palm Acid Oils is only used by companies as a replacement of plants fertilizer which can only be used in gardening and Palm Factories. Slowly but sure Palm Shells and the liquid waste of these Palm Shells can be used as an alternative energy to become a Bioenergy and a Biomass. It is a very prospective choice of alternative fuel with a very competitive price to fulfill the needs of energy in many kinds of industry such as cement industry, factory boilers, pulp, textile and all other kinds of industry that increased along with the growth of national economy.
Our company, Global Mandiri Sentosa Inc. has experienced in selling Palm Shells, Palm Oilcakes, and Palm Acid Oils. For years, we successfully maintained the distribution of our products to big cities in Sumatera and Kalimantan. Our office is located at Gedung Menara Karya, Jl. H.R Rasuna Said Block X5, Kav 1-2, Floor 28th Suit 12M Jakarta. We are able to provide a total of 20.000MT of Palm Shells per 90-110 days at Kalimantan and 10.000MT of Palm Oilcakes per 45 days. The buyers are given several choices of payment methods such as by Cash, Usance LC or SKBDN. Our company also provides Crude Palm Oils at Dumai, Belawan and Kalimantan. Our stockpile spreads around Sumatera, Kalimantan and Sulawesi.