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27 Apr 2016

Gapki-government related communications intertwine oil moratorium

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – Indonesian Palm Oil Association states continue to communicate with relevant government plans moratorium on oil palm concession license.

“We are and continue to build communication with the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, and the court to hear a more detailed explanation from the government about the policy,” said a spokesman Gapki Tofan Mahdi in the short message received by Antara on Thursday.

Tofan said it could not give any statement to listen to the live presentation of the government.

The palm oil industry, according to Gapki, is a strategic sector that in 2015 exports worth 19 billion dollars and in the same year Indonesia is still a producer of crude palm oil (CPO) with a total production of 31.5 million tons.

Besides oil palm plantations employ more labor and involves six million farmers.

Plan a moratorium on concessions in oil palm plantations in Indonesia alone some provinces delivered by President Joko Widodo on a visit in the Thousand Islands, Jakarta, Thursday (14/4).

Some of the problems in the field of oil, the president explained, is the production period is too long because the farmers do not use quality seeds and delays in the rejuvenation of the tree.

Next, the President said that the government plans to set up a moratorium on mining areas in order not to clash with the conservation area.

Earlier, the government had to do a moratorium on peat.

Editor: Ruslan Burhani