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Palm Kernel Expeller
( Bungkil Sawit )


Palm kernel cake is a high-fibre, medium-grade protein feed best suited to ruminants. Among other similar feedstocks palm kernel cake is ranked a little higher than copra cake and cocoa pod husk, but lower than fish meal and groundnut cake, especially in its protein value.


Composed of 16% fiber, palm kernel cake also has a high phosphorus-to-calcium ratio and contains such essential elements such as magnesium, iron and zinc. The typical ration formulated for the feeding of dairy cattle consists of palm kernel cake (50%), molasses (5%), grass/hay (42%), limestone (1.5%), mineral premix (1%) and salt (0.5%) and trace element/vitamin premix.



Compotition ratio for the feeding of dairy cattle

Palm kernel cake :  50%
Molasses :  5%
Grass / Hay :  42%
Limestone :  1,5%
Mineral premix :  1%
Salt :  0,5%
Trace element/vitamin premix