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Marketing Sector

Common Idea of National Markets

Along with the increasing price of fuel especially world raw oils that keep increasing, making our products to become an alternative choice to fulfill the needs of fuel especially for paper industry, cement industry, power source industry, etc. In the last few years, Palm Shell was starting to attract an attention because it is an environmentally friendly kind of fuel and not to mention about the use of Palm Acid Oils as a Biomass ingredients which is more efficient, renewable and have a more relatively cheaper price compared to other fuels. Demands in the markets keep increasing every year. Besides that, the growth level of palm fields that keeps growing along with efficiency ratio of fields area and the fruit production that keeps increasing because of technology developments. In other words, the prospect and the chance of business in marketing these products will be wide open in the upcoming future.


Marketing Plans and Targets

Our marketing plan is to sell the products in a contract throughout a year with buyer corresponded with the demands and bargain condition.

Up to this moment, Global Mandiri Sentosa Inc. has made partnerships with major suppliers throughout Sumatera, Kalimantan and Sulawesi. Clearly that our suppliers have a good network of purchasing the raw materials from local factories in Sumatera, Kalimantan and Sulawesi which means that we have the capability to provide a good stockpile of the products to fulfill the demands of the buyers, local buyers or even international buyers.


Marketing Strategy

Global Mandiri Sentosa Inc. has 7 crucial points of marketing strategy which are:


Global Mandiri Sentosa Inc. main products are :

  1. Palm Shells ( Cangkang Kelapa Sawit )
  2. Palm Oilcakes ( Bungkil Kelapa sawit )
  3. Palm Acid Oil ( PAO / MIKO )
  4. Crude Palm Oil ( CPO )

By cooperating with Palm Factories at Sumatera, Kalimantan and Sulawesi and major suppliers that has a direct connection with the local palm factories Global Mandiri Sentosa Inc. sets a competitive price for the consumers and maintains the quality of the products. Supported by the suppliers and other party involved Global Mandiri Sentosa Inc. guarantees the demands of the consumers for a long period.

With an economical price and well-maintained quality of the products, sufficient supply and a professional service Global Mandiri Sentosa Inc. has the potential to compete positively and optimally seize the market. Our products have also been tested in the lab of surveyors such as Sucofindo or any other Indonesia’s independent surveyor’s labs and the result reached the standard specification.



By making direct partnerships with the main producers, Global Mandiri Sentosa Inc. is able to set a competitive price with a maintained quality of the products. Global Mandiri Sentosa Inc. also provides several payment methods which are convenient from request and demands of the consumers to maintain the safety of the transactions.

FOB Mother Vessel Payment Method

FOB Vessel is a payment system where the transaction value covers all cost of the production, starting from the price of the products itself till the final step of production which is shipment of the products. The value of this payment method is of course due to the agreement between the buyers and sellers before starting the partnership.

Price of the products = stockpiling costs + transporting costs + PBM(?) + Documents arrangement until up to Vessel.

After products are on the Vessel, Global Mandiri Sentosa Inc. provides several choices of payment methods for the buyers. There are LC, SKBDN or by CASH. There is also a method of Down Payment which is in agreement between buyer and seller while the rest of it is LC, SKBDN or CASH. All of these methods are provided for buyers to feel more secure to conclude the transaction. With these payment systems therefore a realistic quantity and legitimate demands of the buyer, Indonesia Arvicera Mandiri Inc. is able to supply the demands of the buyer with a stockpile on suppliers that made a partnership with us.


Related to the growth of internet users in the world especially when it comes to internet social medias therefore our company prioritizes performing the promotions on this media.

The Web : websites and social media network on the internet and nevertheless agribusiness community sites. Printing media : brochures and company profile. Personal Selling

Presentations and Promotions throughout direct transactions with the buyers or buyer’s sales representatives on Indonesia.

The distribution of the products is delivered directly to the consumers by using ocean transportation or ground transportation. Global Mandiri Sentosa Inc. is also cooperating with expedition companies who have good track records. The distribution is also accomplished by teaming up with a few suppliers of Palm Waste Products to be used for industrial needs. And of course this can only be done after an agreement is made between the buyers and the sellers.

Global Mandiri Sentosa Inc. is supported and handled by skilled and experienced human resource in operating Palm Waste Products commodity transactions.


Productions Sector / Purchasing & Selling
Global Mandiri Sentosa Inc. is a private company that mobilize on agribusiness trading sector especially Palm Shells Commodity, Palm Acid Oils, Palm Oilcakes and Crude Palm Oils. We observe the efficiency, quality and stockpile of commodity that is being marketed. Therefore, quality of the products, supplying and even until setting the price is a serious concern for our company.