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Documents and Legality


1. Original Packing List dari perusahaan Shipper / Shipping Agent
2. Original Commercial Invoice
3. Mate' s Receipt
4. Draft Survey Statement dari Kapal Vessel
5. Certificate Of Original
6. Complement Documents of Pabean Export Notification
7. Certificate of Export documents from Customs and Excise office
8. Certificate Of Weight
9. Certificate Of Analysis
10. Certificate Of Fumigation
11. Certificate Phytosanitary dari Badan Karantina Pertanian
12. Certificate Of Hold Cleanliness
13. Stowage Plan
14. Time Sheet
15. Statement Of Facts


All these documents can we show to a prospective buyer in order to immediately follow, in addition there are several things related such as:

1. Purchase Order Perusahaan dengan beberapa PKS
2. Business Contract Agreement with some great Supplier
3. The Contract with PBM ( Stevedoring)
4. The Contract with Owner of Stockpile, etc.
5. Pictures of Loading activities both in stockpile and port.